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Ralph Hansen
Rhansen face.jpg
Independent IT Analyst
Statistical Programming Consultant

I tweet, therefore I am

Ralph was here ... finally.

Time to test whether I can upload images. RalphHansen Flag.gif

A few matters after this will need attn


My interests (as tagged at]

My Crazy Project Ideas

Misc pages

My quick google page

My blog(A Seasoned Hack)

Wiki-table to iCal formatted file - Thorsten's idea

Time of Day Triage


User:RalphHansen/Sandbox - just a draft

Linux Blogs, Communities and Forums

Online Life - Blogs of interest

Dual-boot Linux with Vista

Overview of Development on Linux - tools etc. from Kunal Deo's excellent article and table summarizing languages, libraries, development tools, version tracking, ide's etc.

at the BU wiki

(at the Binghamton Wiki, a collection of miscellaneous links on a page

You Can Switch to Linux

Things To Do In Binghamton

Stuff a LUG on BU campus could do

Google: Summer of code projects

Host/Mirror a distro +common apps ftp repository

Focus as several teams on different sourceforge projects

Conduct monthly n00b Linux orientations (once a semester Install fest)

Regularly (monthly) host the STNY LUG

Act as a clearing house for small (possibly open-source related) development employment/projects

Spur an ongoing blog/online community forum/ wiki re:

Add Forms to the STNYLUG Wiki.

Maintain LUG web site

A few key questions

Linux Links

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