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Brent Angeline


Independent Web Developer
Information Technology Consultant


Open source

Operating systems

I use BSD Unix for servers and Linux for client devices (desktops, mobile platforms, etc.).


Servers I run generally use FreeBSD (including the one for this wiki), as it provides a great balance of speed, stability, security, and compatibility. For special security needs, I'd turn to OpenBSD. For networking specialty hardware, I'd explore the options of NetBSD or an embedded Linux.


While BSD may excel on the server end, Linux generally provides a richer multimedia experience at present, so I prefer it on the desktop and mobile devices. Since I favor KDE (K Desktop Environment) for managing my application windows in a graphical environment, I am partial to desktop distributions where KDE is well-integrated.

I'm currently using PCLinuxOS on my primary desktop. It's a well-integrated KDE distribution, blazingly fast, and everything "just worked" with a minimum of configuration. I downloaded, burned, and booted the LiveCD; gave the distro a test drive, liked what I saw, and decided to install it; and ultimately found it very quick to get everything installed, configured, and updated. I've been using it since December of 2007.

I'd like to try out Arch Linux next when I have more time to spend on setting up a desktop environment, as I keep reading that it is very BSD-like in nature. I would also consider giving openSUSE another shot.

I've had experience working with other open source distributions as well, including Debian, DesktopBSD, Fedora, Gentoo, Kubuntu, PC-BSD, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, and various embedded systems.


interos: internet operating system

interos is a secure cross-browser web platform coming soon to and open sourced at

Applications internet open source exists for the development of open source Java and Flash web applications for an open web platform. is also host to a number of non-profit wikis (including this one). The main site and its wiki are also in development, and their launch will coincide with that of

Solution stack for web applications

A solution stack is a set of software subsystems or components needed to deliver a fully functional solution, e.g., a product or service.



Southern Tier of New York Linux User Group


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Broome County BSD User's Group


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