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For each presentation, we try to rate the "geek level" necessary to understand the topic. While an overall rating isn't perfect, it will at least give newbies an idea on which topics will be beyond them, and which topics will bore the kernel hackers out there.

Geekometer1.png Easy These topics are for newbies to the realm of Linux, Unix, GNU and Open Source. They include things like how to use basic applications.
Geekometer2.png Basics If you have a general understanding of computers, these talks should be easy to comprehend, yet still be interesting.
Geekometer3.png User Topics on installation, and topics which discuss mathematical algorithms or other basic computer sciency things.
Geekometer4.png Guru Folks with lots of experience with GNU/Linux, computers in general, math, and other sciences will be comfortable at these talks.
Geekometer0.png Not Applicable Meetings with no scheduled topic, or officer meetings, which have no particular geek level.
Geekometer-.png Don't Know The meeting topic has not been scheduled yet. When the topic is announced, this rating will change to one of the above.

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